Honey analyses for Apimondia 2009

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Honey analyses for Apimondia 2009

Specialists in our accreditted lab can accomplish honey analyses for following categories of Apimondia2009 Honey Contest:

– Honey with no botanical or geographical designation – 41 EUR

– “Polyfloral” honey: honey derived from a large variety of flowers and harvested in the same period,
hence with an electrical conductivity < 0.8 mS/cm. Mixing of origins such as “temperate”, “Mediterranean”
or “tropical” is not permitted – 57 EUR

– “Monofloral” honeys should be derived from a single essence to be specified by the beekeeper and
confirmed by an approved laboratory – 97 EUR

Deadline for sample sending: 7.7.2009
Payment by bank draft or using credit cards

E-mail contact: beedo(a)beedol.cz
Address for honey sending:
Vyzkumny ustav vcelarsky
CZ 252 66 Libcice nad Vltavou